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Law of the Jungle's acclaimed solution slashes the process, embeds legal protection and mobilises the team. Established in 2000, Law of the Jungle has deep experience in delivering business solutions at the intersection of law, business, learning and technology.
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This acclaimed solution slashes overhead, embeds legal protection and frees up the team.

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How much time, resources and risk can
Law of the Jungle reduce for your organisation?

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Law of the Jungle removes complexity and cost in putting the law to work for the business. Our smart cloud solutions are purpose-built for legal compliance and business performance.


These acclaimed solutions – in learning and decision support – close the expert knowledge gap, delivering audit protection and essential know-how to non-lawyers.

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Customers that use Law of the Jungle Marketing are all alive to the risks of getting it wrong and the costs of getting it right. Many are leaders in key sectors in Australia, regionally or globally. All of them are under pressure to deliver fast yet prove due diligence. In B2C or B2B. Above or below the line. Brand or product marketing. Direct marketing. Electronic and digital marketing. Social media.

The telecommunications company using Law of the Jungle to reduce legal interventions from 80,000 legal interventions per year to less than 40,000.

The financial services institution that hoped for 10-20% reduction in the time-cost of compliance – yet achieved a 92% reduction using Law of the Jungle.

The gaming company which reduced marketing complaints to zero using Law of the Jungle – and won plaudits from the regulator for doing so.

The pharmaceutical company which increased the number of its subsidiary companies using Law of the Jungle from two to nine and increased outputs by 800% yet was able to perform compliance review with the same team on a faster turnaround.

The leisure and entertainment company that saves 2.5 weeks per marketing job by using a ‘triage’ function via Law of the Jungle to manage and escalate higher risk jobs while fast tracking lower risk jobs.

The fast moving consumer goods company that embedded its RACI policies and freed up its regulatory and legal functions by empowering marketers through compliance hurdles.

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Legal issues addressed by non-lawyers through Law of the Jungle


Job approvals given in Law of the Jungle


Average number of review rounds for draft assets in Law of the Jungle

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Cut out up to 70% of the process and 100% of the complexity

Issue recognition

Smart prompts help crystallise the compliance issues.  Tips, guidance, examples and templates empower the team to resolve them.


Up-to-date view of laws, regulations, industry codes, cases, even policies, all delivered in astonishingly simple sequences or pathways.

Reduced rework

Users are guided to get it right.  That means less reiteration, fewer redrafts and reduced cycle time through the due diligence and approval process.

Reduced time per round

Not just fewer drafts.  Less time per draft:  the essential factors spelt out issue by issue … pre-approved wording … applicable mandatories highlighted for inclusion … legally correct disclaimers.

It’s a decision tree!

Intelligent technology filters the law to line up only the issues relevant to your particular job.   Non-lawyers are led to take care of the legals – and seek help as they need it.

Technology features make it simple

Risk-based triage.  Document management.  Electronic annotations.  Task management.  Guided due diligence.  Fast approval.  Real time reports.  Automated audit trails.


Messages with cut-through reaching their audience weeks earlier

Educate the business

The program anticipates the issues and educates the team, reducing dependency on already stretched subject matter experts.

Devolve compliance responsibility

Law of the Jungle devolves responsibility for engaging with compliance issues without compromising centralised legal risk management or essential oversight.

Designed for your sector

Pathways, tips, case examples and illustrations drawn from actual experience in your industry to illuminate what goes wrong and how to get it right.

Get more done

Corporate capability grows with use, enabling the team to do more with less – in less time, with less call on expert resource in managing higher volumes and demands for more output.

Be bolder

The program not only prevents risk.  It emboldens teams.  Knowing where the risks lie and how to step around them lets marketers do what they do best, confidently and creatively.

Be more competitive

Take full advantage of getting better messages to market faster.  Lock in an ongoing source of competitive advantage.


A level of protection – and proof – that nothing else can provide

Validate your process

Only Law of the Jungle proves your valid decision-making process.  No other system gives you what the law actually requires, proof that your enterprise has identified the compliance issues, weighed up the factors, completed the checks and made the right calls, issue by issue.

Legal know-how

Laws, regulations, industry codes, cases, even policies, are all built in to the questions, prompts and guidance. Content includes marketing law , privacy, intellectual property, social media, direct, digital, broadcast and print, industry standards of good taste, all media.

Rules engine

Law of the Jungle embodies the rules of compliance.  The decision-tree style rules engine delivers relevant legal input while the purpose-built compliance platform ensures transparency, auditability and consistency to the highest legal standards.

Legal professional privilege

The program is specifically designed to protect confidentiality and can be set up to support potential claims for privilege.

Protective features

Secure and encrypted storage and access … task notifications and reminders … default approval paths … re-allocation of subject matter reviews … special purpose tools such as job locking and team drop box.

Guaranteed up to date

Law of the Jungle keeps all legal content correct and up-to-date – across all relevant geographies, verticals and lines of business.  Every new user session is informed by the law of the place as at the date of use.  Which means you don’t need to worry.